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The Office

Where we are all about patients' comfort!

Adjusting Room

With Custom Memory Foam Table Top For Your Comfort!

Adjusting room

Adjusting room 2

Waiting Room

Welcoming waiting room with hot organic teas and spring water - all with your comfort in mind!

Waiting Room

Waiting Room 2

Physiotherapy Room

Physiotherapy Room with padded flooring for those bad knees, along with a roller massage table, heat and ice therapies, percussive manual therapies, ultrasound, kinesiotaping, and muscle stimulation therapies. We have everything needed to rehab sore injured joints and muscles!

Physiotherapy Room 2

Examination/Evaluation Room

Examination/Evaluation Room. Where the pain relief begins!

Examination Room

Kids Play Room

Kid Room with movies, toys, and coloring pages for our small patients and guests.